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Morgantown Woman Holds Yard Sale to Benefit Neese Family

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As the community still tries to figure out what exactly happened to Skylar Neese the night she died, one local resident is doing what she can to not only raise money but show support for the Neese family.

"It's a tragedy all the way around," said Tracy Wassell, the organizer of the Skylar Neese Benefit Yard Sale. "Not only was the family devastated by it but the people in the hometown and surrounding areas."

The yard sale will be held at 227 Gladesville Road in Morgantown.

Carolyn Horton visits flea markets and yard sales often and said she's looking at the items at this sale differently.

"It's for a good cause. Things that I don't need but I think I might need, I'll get because it is for a good cause," Horton said.

All the items that are being sold at the event were completely donated.

Wassell said she doesn't feel right to charge a specific amount for a donated item.

"Later into the yard sale we decided, I got everything by donation," Wassell said. "So, I'm doing it to where everybody else can buy by donation, rather than here is a set price. I don't want to set prices too high. My goal is to get everything out and bring money in."

Wassell said she spoke with Mary Neese, Skylar's mother. She told her that the money that she raises is for funeral costs, bills, or anything that they need it for.

There is plenty of items to choose from at the sale. Including house hold items, nick nacks and plenty of clothing.

"If you're looking for clothes for your family for a reasonable price and there is a lot of clothes here," said Horton. "Come on out and go through them and you'll find something. There's something for everybody, every size."

The Benefit Yard Sale is Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Whatever is not sold will be donated to the Ranch Community Store.