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City of Morgantown Features New Parking Lot Each Week

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Constantly going out to put money in the meter might be a pain, but it's better than getting a parking ticket. And if you're looking for short term or long term parking, the City of Morgantown's website might be your new best friend since it began featuring a different parking area each week.

Gary Marlin is a Westover resident who said he already knows how to find a good parking spot.

"Not really, there seems to be plenty of parking spaces around," Marlin said. "But I do avoid town during the busy times if I can."

Last week's parking spotlight was on Chestnut Street.

For people, like students, who aren't familiar with the area, it can be difficult looking in the same area for parking spots each day.

"I talked to the parking director and he gave me some great suggestions as to places that are often empty or not many people know about," said public communication manager Susan Sullivan. "It helps those residents be able to know maybe next time I'm downtown, I'll check that other one."

Sullivan said the website is meant to help people find parking spaces at meter parking lots, on the streets or in a garage.

Marlin said if he's coming to town for a longer time period he knows where to go.

"If I were going to be coming down to eat or spend more time, I'd probably park in one of the garages," Marlin said.

Sullivan said the entire social media experience for the City of Morgantown is getting an overhaul not only the Parking Authority.

"We're kind of reorganizing our communications with the residents and hoping to sneak the information in on their regular social media avenues," Sullivan said. "So, when they do go to look for that information they've seen enough of it that they know where to come to. Hopefully that will help the residents become more informed in the future."

When it comes to parking in the downtown area Marlin said one thing is for sure about the Parking Authority.

"I would prefer not to go away without putting money in the meter," Marlin said. "Because, like it or not, they seem to always be around."

The parking spot of the week is picked each Tuesday. Visit the City of Morgantown's website for the Parking Spotlight and other events being featured.