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Fairmont Community Development Partnership Finds New Home

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The Fairmont Community Development Partnership (FCDP) provides affordable housing while making Fairmont a more attractive place to live.

When its building, the McCoy building, was destroyed in a fire just under two months ago, it was time for the community to step up and give back to an organization that gives Fairmont so much.

"I remember going across the bridge and seeing the flames shooting out the top of the building and thinking this is really bad," said Lisa Darden, FCDP. "But very thankful that the tenants were able to get out."

"The damage was pretty severe," said Bob Gribben, FCDP. "There was concerns about one of the walls collapsing."

The historic McCoy building was considered a total loss and needed to be demolished.

"Not too long afterwards, we received a demolition order from the City of Fairmont and knew then we needed to proceed with what we were doing," Gribben said.

The Partnership and several other businesses were forced to search for new homes.

It said the response from the community was overwhelming.

"It gave us a warm feeling that people really do support us and support our cause," Darden said. "We've helped so many and it was really nice for them to try to reach out and try to help us."

The Partnership said Gribben's phone was ringing off the hook.

"A number of different people had called us up and said 'if you need a temporary place to go, you can come here or you can go there,'" Gribben said.

The Partnership found its new home on the third floor of the Marion County Health Department Building and said it is ready to get things back to normal.

"We need to move beyond that and get back to what we do," Darden said, "that's helping serve our community and building affordable housing."

The Partnership owns the lot where the McCoy building once stood. It said once demolition is complete, it will work to expand the parking lot and do additional landscaping in Traction Square.