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Mobile Healthcare Technology Making It Easier For Patients and Physicians

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Technology is making it easier for patients and their doctors to share information.

A convenient mobile health care device can track an important health function: your blood pressure.

Home Plus in Elkins has mobile health care technology with the simple connection of your I-Phone or I-Pad.

The IHealth blood pressure dock is the first of its kind, turning your mobile device into your very own blood pressure monitor.

"You download a free app. You dock into a docking station. Your able to take blood pressures, it will track your blood pressure when the time of day you took it. You have the capability to email it to your physicians," said Sandy Young.

Home Plus acquired I-Health after seeing it in action at a trade show. More than 1,000 readings can be taken in one full charge. There's also a home monitoring system called I-Baby, where you can see and hear your baby from anywhere. Health Care providers say these technologies are easily understandable.

"People especially the younger crowd really get into the technology part of it. They like the convenience you have a docking station. You take your phone, dock it, and track what your doing. You can do a report, and send it to the physician's office directly to that person in the office that would download it, and make it a part of your medical records."

Mobile healthcare is efficient in this technology world and health care providers said patients would be saving time and money.

"It's turning that way where it's the convenience, it's quick let's get it done let's not wait in the physician's office. It's coming to that," Young said.

I-Health costs around $89 dollars. I-Baby costs around $160 dollars.