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Strong economy will lift people out of poverty

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The Senate Select Committee on Children and Poverty is scheduled to hold another community meeting this month. The committee, which certainly has a noble and worthwhile goal, is looking for ways to better address child poverty in West Virginia. Heartbreaking stories of young children not eating and going without are difficult to hear, and we have a moral obligation to help alleviate this problem.

There are certainly no quick fixes on this issue, and this committee should be lauded for its work. Let's hope, when these senators hear stories of poverty and deprivation, they are moved to come back to Charleston and do all they can to open this state for prosperity.

To truly help, we need to do all we can to encourage investment. That means making this state a place where private enterprise can flourish and jobs are plentiful. We need a tax code that reflects our global economy, a judicial system where justice trumps politics and schools that challenge our students and prepare them for life in the modern work force. 

A steady paycheck won't cure this state's socioeconomic ills, but doing nothing and standing by as our people continue to slide away from the American dream is not an option.