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Cross-Country Skateboarding Journey Rolls Through Clarksburg

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On May 1, Jake Freed left Mesa, Arizona with only his longboard to get him across the country to Washington, D.C. On Wednesday he made a stop in Clarksburg to show everyone that skateboards are more than just a fun toy.

"What I did was I stopped driving for a year and half. For six months I didn't drive my car, and then I was like OK, it's doable, so then I sold it and then for a whole year I just used my longboard for transporting myself and training obviously," Freed said.

He said riding a skateboard can be a viable means of transportation for some people, and he wants to bring the sport of it to a wider audience. But that's not the only reason he's making the trip. He also wants trips like this to serve as fundraisers in the future. And individuals and businesses, like the Denny's on Emily Drive have been helping him along the way.

"Once we learned what he was actually doing, and that he was doing it for charity, then we decided to support him, since he stopped here for us," said Denny's employee Alicia Efaw.

This long trip is only the beginning of those efforts for Freed. He's already thinking about organizing another cross-country trek, both for sport and for charity, and hopes this one will lay the groundwork to make it happen.

"I want to start a non-profit organization through Transboardnation, it's my web site, so we can start funding so people can start donating to other, better causes, other than just a means of transportation. Hopefully the next trip I'll be able to get a nice big team going," said Freed.