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Restaurant Road Trip: Antonio's Italian Chophouse

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In 2011, Tony Ottaviani decided to expand his family business, Ristorante Ottaviani, a successful Italian restaurant in Cumberland, Maryland.

Ottaviani found the Seneca Center in Morgantown to be a perfect match for his newest establishment: Antonio's Italian Chophouse.

"So I came up here almost two years ago, and I loved the place, I loved the space, I love the owners of this building, they're great people," said Ottaviani, "and I knew the area was booming beyond belief. So after struggling to get the money, and find the time and the right formula, here were are."

From the beginning, Ottaviani knew he wouldn't stray far from his Italian roots.

"A lot of our menu items are based off of Tony's family's recipes. The Pasta Civitella is from the region that Tony's family is from in Italy," said general manager Shane Zollner.

The menu also offers locally grown fresh produce, which is mutually beneficial for Antonio's and local farmers.

"They didn't have a problem with us putting their name on our menu because it's great publicity for them. It adds an extra touch whenever somebody knows the farm that they're eating from, as well as the restaurant they're eating from, then it loops around to the Italian family aspect of every dining experience," said Zollner.

Jarrett Hall is a part-owner of the Seneca Center. He said he is pleased with the building's newest addition.

"The décor is very nice, casual, but yet elegant. I have talked to several customers in and out, and with no complaints, which has surprised me," said Hall.

Hall is not the only one who appreciates Antonio's "Family-Friendly Fine Dining" experience.

"When you come in here to eat, you feel like you're part of our family, not just a guest or a customer," said Ottaviani.

Antonio's is located in the Seneca Center on Beechurst Avenue in Morgantown.