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West Virginia Residents Wish State A Happy 150th Birthday

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Many counties have been celebrating West Virginia's birthday for several months now with street fairs, concerts, and more.

Now, June 20 has finally arrived and our beloved state is 150 years old.

"Happy Birthday West Virginia," said Tyler Claypole, Morgantown resident.

For West Virginians, the state's sesquicentennial is a pretty big deal.

"I'm just proud to be a West Virginian," said Harry Swisher, Morgantown resident. "To come out and celebrate our heritage and the 150 years that we have been part of the United States is just great."

"I had family that fought on both sides of the Civil War," said Kyle Hyman, Morgantown resident. "With that being the history of the state, that's pretty cool to have some roots."

Thousands of people stopped by the Morgantown rest stop for a car show, birthday cake, and a famous pepperoni roll.

"A lot of states do not have pepperoni rolls. They don't have a clue what they are," said Janice Lester, West Virginia Tourism. "One bite and they are hooked! It's a West Virginia delicacy."

Tourism employees are using the opportunity to tell the visitors about the state and its history.

"I've talked about a few places in the state. I've asked people where they are traveling and let them know some of the things they are going to see as they are passing through," said Jennifer Smith, Morgantown resident.

"We tell them mostly about the Civil War," Claypole said. "We tell them about how the state became during the war."

Lifelong residents said the state has changed a lot over the years.

"I've seen Morgantown change from a small town to a metropolitan area," Swisher said.

No amount of change will alter the pride they have in their state.

"It is actually a joy for me to educate people on this state and tell them all the beauty that we have here," Lester said.

There will be events happening all over North Central West Virginia throughout the weekend.