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Community Supporting Police In Lewis County Drug Busts

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The West Virginia State Police, Lewis County Sheriff's Department, and Weston Police have all played a part in the discovery of at least one meth lab this week.

The community is grateful to see all 33 labs being shut down.

Sue Parker lives and works in Lewis County, and she said she is glad her family will be that much safer.

"I'm glad they're getting them, because I have grandchildren down in the area where they busted them the last time, and I think 'oh my gosh, what if my grand kids or something got a hold of that?' I'm happy they're getting them," said Parker.

The 33 labs have been discovered in three separate locations around the county.

Lewis County Sheriff Adam Gissy said cooperation between agencies has made their job easier, but assistance from another source is even more valuable.

"No question, cooperation has been paramount for our success, and I'd also like to mention that I feel the citizens have been absolutely wonderful for giving us the little bit of information we need to get in there and to get these meth labs and/or just drug dealers in general, and I'd really like to applaud their efforts for keeping us informed," said Gissy.

Gissy said he has seen more people learning to recognize the parts of a meth lab. He hopes that they'll be reported more as people know what to watch for.

Parker is one person who knows the signs, and she said she wouldn't hesitate to get the labs off the streets.

"Sure, I would! I think they need to be torn down, they need to get rid of it. Look what it's doing to them, and to everybody else," Parker said.