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Taylor County Kids Find The Fun In Working Out, Eating Healthy

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If you were to walk into the Tygart Valley Rehabilitation Center kids room, it may look like an arcade.

There is Dance, Dance Revolution, video games and more, but in reality, it's a gym, and the kids are participating in the 'New You' Fitness Program.

"We're trying to get them something they like. They like the video aspect, they like the technology. We are trying to get them to move and have some fun with it," said Ricky Williams, the fitness program instructor. "Get the heart rate elevated as they are having some fun."

Working out may seem like a chore when you are a kid, but the 'New You' Program makes it seem just the opposite.

"We do fun things like we get to dance. We know dancing and swimming is exercising. We know running is exercising too," said Leslie Bolyard, a participant.

Bailey Toothman agrees.

"In high school and in middle school, personal appearance matters a lot," said Toothman. "Also, to get healthy, I play sports. Basketball, soccer, and swimming and its important to me."

The program keeps kids moving and gets them sweating, all while having a good time.

"We do some cross fit training sometimes. We do some sprints up and down. We play games. We get our muscles working an everything," Toothman said.

"The Wii is a big hit, the DDR, and the sport bikes. As you can see the sport bikes are in high demand. That seems to be the most vigorous type of exercise," Williams said.

Instructors said programs like this are the first step to decreasing childhood obesity.

"They will be much happier and much healthier. Happy and healthy," Williams said.

Some kids said the program will help them accomplish their goals.

"I want to lose some weight," Bolyard said.

"To be healthy, work hard, and have fun," Toothman said.

Even though the program is only a few weeks in, Williams said the kids are motivated and ready to change their lives.

We will check back on them in a couple of months when the program comes to an end.