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Part 2: HOPE For Humanity Investigation

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In the second part of our investigation into HOPE For Humanity, we meet a family whose life was turned upside down.

Dave Braun, his wife Melanie, and their five kids are a typical family, but when an unexpected cost popped up, they needed help.

After Dave's mother passed away, the Brauns turned to HOPE For Humanity for help paying for a headstone.

From there, a life-changing promise cost them much more.

"She comes in and was like, 'We have this big organization, $6.6 million.' She threw out Hostetler's name, Nehlen, Culpepper. We thought, 'Okay, this might be legit,' those are big names in this town," said Dave Braun. "Then she said, 'How would you guys like a new home?'"

For the Brauns, a $400 request turned into a new home for the family, something that really was too good to be true.

"We didn't believe her at first," said Melanie Braun. "Who wants to give you a home? Let alone a free one. So we were like 'Ok, whatever.' But then she brought us up to American Homes, we looked through a home there. We brought our kids up there and what not. She told my kids they could paint their room any way they wanted to."

The Brauns said they went as far as signing a lease. We asked American Homes about it, but officials there declined to comment.

The Brauns said they were promised new furniture for the home. Schnopp even told the family it was okay to donate their kids' beds to another needy family.

Now, the Braun's oldest child sleeps on the floor.

"I don't even care about me," said Dave Braun. "As adults, we can get through it."

"Our nine year old got in trouble at school because it bothered him so bad," said Melanie. "They don't know how to deal with this. He would just yell at everybody and anybody. I asked him what was wrong, and he said 'Why aren't we getting that house?'"

Karen said the reason the family didn't get their home was simple.

"The contracts weren't signed, but we were going to buy homes for people, yes. We didn't get them, that takes money," said Schnopp.

The Brauns paid for the headstone, the original promise, and said it's been months now since they even heard from Karen Schnopp.

"I haven't heard from her since, and she blocked me on Facebook," said Melanie Braun. "So I have another account, I went on and messaged her, and said 'Look, you didn't offer us an apology, you promised our family all of this stuff.' I said 'You need to own up to what you did. It's time to grow up and take care of your responsibilities."