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Webster County Provides Virtual Tour of Business Park

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The Robert C. Byrd Information Technology Center is a state of the art building sitting near the center of Webster County, just outside of Cowen, and now the only thing the center needs is a new tenant.

The building hosted IBM before they moved out, and while there, supported jobs for more than just its home county.

"Not all of the employees were from Webster County. Employees came from Nicholas County, Braxton County also, and it was a big asset for the County and the neighboring counties," said Dexter Beckett, a board member of the Webster County Economic Development Authority.

So now, with the help of Orion Strategies, prospective businesses can take a virtual tour online to see the building firsthand. This way, they can speak with the county's Economic Development Director Geary Weir and get exactly the details they need.

"They can sit down and go through the building and the surrounding area step by step, room by room, and get a feel for the property together," said Orion's Amber Evans.

Beckett hopes to see a client express some serious interest soon, since adding a new business could be a big boost to the county's economic woes.

"Job growth is something that we are really in need of right now. The coal business has really been slow here in the county. We lost one of our major coal producers here, so jobs have really been hard to come by right now," Beckett said.

Orion believes this may be the first time in the state that a virtual tour has been used to highlight a development. You can get more information on the facility here.