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Second Installment of Barbecue University Held at WVU

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Barbecue University teaches participants how to become pros on the grill.

Last week, they learned about rubs and sauces. On Tuesday evening, they learned about the importance of choosing the right meat.

The class is taught by Scott Spiker, the executive chef at the Erikson Alumni Center.

Spiker said he tried to get one thing across to the class on Tuesday.

"You don't have to buy the most expensive cut of meat to have a nice piece of meat on your plate. You can buy something that's a little more economical, something that's a little bit different, and do a good grill job on it. Sometimes if it's a chewier piece of meat, you have to cook it longer or slower," said Spiker.

Spiker prepared several dishes for the class including turkey cutlets, beer marinated strip steaks, and grilled banana bread pudding.

The final installment of Barbecue University will be next Tuesday. The theme will be "pulling it all together."