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International Sports Jamboree Held at North Bend State Park

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The International Sports Jamboree is an annual event at North Bend State Park. It's been a tradition for more than 30 years.

"This is our 35th year. It started 35 years ago for youngsters who do not qualify for Special Olympics. It's for physically disabled and visually disabled children," said Fran Nutter, chairperson for the jamboree.

The international event brings children and their families from all over the United States to Ritchie County.

"We have participants from Canada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and we've had them from Missouri and different states before," explained Nutter.

The sports jamboree offers specially designed games and activities for the participants.

"We have beeping bowling balls, we have relay races. They have harnesses that keep them so they don't fall. They run, and somebody starts them at one end, and catches them at the other," Nutter said.

The kids all have favorite activities at the jamboree.

"I love to sing, and I love to play games," said Payton Roberts, a participant from Glenville.

"The bicycle, it has two people on the same side and you can just ride around in circles if you wanted to," explained Caitlin Railey, from Huntington.

And the parents all agree why they bring their kids every year: it's all about them.

"It gets him involved in stuff that he has been involved in before. He loves the talent show, he loves to sing. That's his favorite part is singing," explained Pat Roberts.

"It's her day to shine. This is her day that there isn't anyone better than anybody. It's their day," Anne Railey said.

Volunteers fundraise all year long to bring the participants to North Bend.