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Experts Recommend Window Tinting To Cool Down Vehicles

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Recent statistics show that more than 20 children have died in 2013 after being left or forgotten in a hot car.

On a 90 degree day, your car can reach 109 degrees in just 10 minutes.

"It's outstanding that there has been over 20 deaths in the country this year and since 1990 there has been over 600 deaths that has been associated with children being left in the vehicle," said Corporal Don Neal, Fairmont Police Department.

A hot car is no joke. It can cause heat stroke and even death.

"In the first hour with no air conditioning and the car not running, that temperature inside of the car is going to increase 30 to 40 degrees. Once you reach the temperature of up to 104, that's when heat stroke occurs," Corporal Neal said.

Solar Steve's in Fairmont offers a way to lower the temperature in your car by 60 percent on a hot day.

"We handle automotive, residential, commercial film installations. Basically the film installation will allow you to reduce the ultra-violet rays up to 99 percent," said Steven Messinger, owner.

Messinger said summers are extremely busy for window tinting because it really makes a difference.

"We tint everything from the two front windows on a truck or SUV to a full four door car," he said. "A lot of customers like to add a visor strip. It helps with heat and the sun coming at you."

Some of Solar Steve's customers swear by it.

"It is a horrible feeling getting in your car and getting smacked in the face with heat," said Lee Cochran, customer. "It really does cut down on the heat a lot. Once you get in the car, it is really a night and day difference with and without tint."

The best part is that it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

"I paid $199 for my car and I feel its worth every penny," Cochran said.

"We have window films starting at $50 for the two front windows. This will allow you to get a lifetime warranty, high quality film," Messinger said.

Customers recommend Solar Steve's window tinting not only to cool off your car, but because they are good at what they do.

"They're the best," Cochran said. "They've done really good work for me every time I've brought a vehicle to them. Since they have been open, I've brought three to four different cars."

If you would like more information on Solar Steve's and window tinting, visit its Facebook page.