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Clarksburg Residents Hold Neighborhood Watch Meeting to Address City's Drug Problem

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In the wake of the shootings on Locust Avenue on Friday morning, some residents of Clarksburg held a neighborhood watch meeting.

The residents are concerned about the drug problem around Locust Avenue and want a solution.

Neighborhood watch meetings are held regularly, but this one had some different faces in the usual crowd.

Clarksburg interim police Chief Robert Hilliard, Deputy Chief James Chamberlain, and other law enforcement officials joined the meeting to answer the residents' questions and concerns.

Some of the topics discussed included why it takes so long for a drug dealer to be busted, what the residents can do to help, and some ideas were tossed around to prevent drug dealers from entering the neighborhood.

The meeting was helpful to the law enforcement officials.

"This way, we'll have an idea of what some of the issues are, what we need to do to address them, and what other entities we need to contact to help us, not resolve it, but work towards a goal of eliminating some of those issues," said Chamberlain.

The residents also agreed that the meeting was helpful, and informative.

"This was a large meeting, there was a good strong presence, and people were really anxious and wanting to get something to go on. Some good resolutions came out we came up with some different ideas of maybe crime deterrents. We're going to pursue those and see what we can figure out," said Kristy Cunningham, a Clarksburg resident.

Cunningham said the idea of more lighting being placed in the neighborhood will be pursued further.

Deputy Chief Chamberlain said they plan to attend more neighborhood watch meetings in the future.