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Balloon Release Held in Honor of Shooting Victims

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A balloon release was held on Tuesday to remember and honor all of the victims from the deadly shootings on Friday morning in Clarksburg.

The balloon release was organized by a relative of one of the victims.

MaryBeth Jones was the cousin-in-law of Christopher Hart, one of the four men shot and killed.

Jones said she wanted to host the balloon release in honor of the victims, including her cousin-in-law.

"I wanted people to remember it wasn't just about the Swigers, it wasn't just about my cousin-in-law and friend being drug dealers. It was about the fact that we lost people we love. It's hurting everyone, it's not just hurting certain people," explained Jones.

Other relatives of the victims said that even though Hart and Todd Amos were involved with Sidney Muller, the shooter, their family members didn't deserve to be killed.

"No one deserves this, nobody. They were great, great men," said Crystal Jones, Hart's cousin.

Randy Jones agrees with his sister.

"Regardless of what people say about them, they didn't deserve this. It was heinous and it was senseless," Randy Jones said.

More than 100 people attended the balloon release, and everyone wrote a message on a balloon before letting it go.