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Morgantown Mall Hosts Pet Expo

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Shoppers were able to bring their four-legged friends out for a few days at the Morgantown Mall.

The Pet Expo was held August 2nd through 4th at the Mall.

There were free samples, give-away's and important information about pets. Pets even got to strut their stuff in cute outfits at the 'Furry Friends Fashion Show.' The top three outfits were given prizes.

Visitors that brought their pet to the mall did need to print and sign the Pet Release Agreement. They had to bring it with them to the event, turn it in at the mall entrance tables, and receive a wristband.

The event is meant to allow the public to bring their dogs in the mall and meet local vets, groomers, pet shelters and even a pet detective.

"I'm essentially a pet detective. I deal with issues such as, aggression, biting, somebody not eliminating in the litter box, new pet introductions, grooming issues. Any type of issue that causes an owner some angst," said Laurie Johnson, a pet detective.

There was even animals up for adoption and some being given away to anyone that could provide a good home.

The entire event was sponsored by Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic on Point Marion Road in Morgantown.

The veterinary clinic also had a booth set up at the event.