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WV Commissioners Gather At Stonewall Resort

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Stonewall Resort hosted the annual meeting of the County Commissioners Association of West Virginia. The group is committed to reaching out to support the needs of individual counties. It promotes statewide communication between counties and helps represent them in Charleston, but Monday was meant for a different goal.

"One of our prongs is education, and this is an educational opportunity. It's for county commissioners to get together, share ideas, not reinvent the wheel, do some training on hot topics, the Affordable Care Act, regional jail issues," said the association's executive director Vivian Parsons.

And those are two major issues facing most counties this year. Lewis County alone has almost doubled its budget for the regional jail bill, and Commissioner Pat Boyle said he'll be better able to tackle other issues thanks to events like this.

"It's very interesting to listen to various processes that are being handled throughout the state, and therefore gives us a little bit of something to think about in our county. But it's good to be able to fellowship with these different men and women to see what's going on and what's available to us," Boyle said.

Parsons agrees. She said having these connections will only serve to help the commissioners do better work for their constituents as time goes on.

"It's important that they be here. It's important that they have a network to go to, and it's important that they don't have to recreate the wheel every time, because there's a lot of answers out there, and that's what our organization serves as, a hub of information to help share that information and get that word out," Parsons said.

Commissioners will also get required annual training with the state auditor's office while they're at the resort.