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State Bear outside AG Morrisey's office vandalized

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A paw recently was cut off of one of the taxidermied bears outside West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey's office, his office confirmed Aug. 12.

Officials in Morrisey's office noticed Aug. 5 that the bear's paw was missing. Some even suspected that whoever cut off the paw had worked on it for a long time; however, nothing has yet been confirmed.

Morrisey took to Twitter, calling the vandalism a "senseless act."  

"State bear's paw cut off outside my office in the capitol. What do we say to the kids seeking a photo with our beloved bear? Brazen act," Morrisey posted to his Twitter account.

There are no surveillance cameras in the area where the vandalism took place.

Taxidermied bears have been a staple in the Capitol, adorning previous Secretary of State Ken Hechler's office and former Attorney General Darrell McGraw's office.

When Morrisey took office, officials found the taxidermied bear in storage and decided to place it in front of his office.

Officials said they will contact the West Virginia Bear Hunters Association to see what can be done to fix the bear's paw.  

West Virginia Capitol police are investigating.