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Clarksburg Man Wants Answers After Storage Unit Break-In

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The Doddridge County Sheriff's Department said that between the dates of August 3 and August 8, 15 units were broken into at Storage Express, just off of Route 18 in West Union.

It also confirmed that five units seem to be the only ones that items were actually taken from. Joe Barberio's was one of them.

"They got everything I had stored in here, except for a couple of sheets of plywood and a gasoline can that was empty. They got basically everything that was in there," said Barberio, who is from Clarksburg.

One of the many items taken was a brand new four-wheeler that only had 110 miles on it.

"I had a 2012 Polaris Ranger four-wheeler, a side-by-side four-wheeler. It was about $12,500. I also had a utility trailer to haul it on. It was another $2,500, so I had about $15,000 in just the four-wheeler and the trailer," Barberio said.

That doesn't include some of the other items taken. The Doddridge County Sheriff's Department confirmed that the doors were cut in order to gain access to the units.

Barberio said he isn't pleased with how the investigation is going.

"How can you investigate a robbery when you don't know the color of the four-wheeler you're looking for, or the license number or any other facts. I'm trying to process this paper work so I can make a claim, and I can't get any information from them," said Barberio.

When asked about this issue the Doddridge County Sheriff's Department released this statement:

"It is the policy of this Department that all active investigations remain confidential and no reports will be released until the investigation is complete. Any victims in this case that might need to report numbers and a list of items stolen for insurance purposes can contact this department."

Anyone with information on this incident can contact the Department at 304-873-1944.