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First Section Of Bleachers At East West Stadium Complete

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When you think of East West Stadium, a lot of things may come to mind.

One example is the word "rivalry".

Another example is that football season is just days away from kicking off.

The Marion County Board of Education has made some upgrades so fans are as safe and comfortable as possible this football season.

"The stadium was built in 1938 and it's basically the same cement structure as it was then. Of course there has been a lot of freeze and thaw damage. A lot of cracks and a lot of pieces of concrete have come loose," said Gary Price, Marion County Superintendent.

Price said after 75 years it was time to make some upgrades.

"We had a company come in and do a treatment to try and keep further water penetration from going down in the cement," he said.

After all, the stadium seats two sets of fans every Friday night.

Friday night lights is very important in Fairmont.

Players from both Fairmont Senior and East Fairmont high schools said their fans should expect some great football in East West Stadium.

"That's the pride of our school. We have always been a winning team and that's what we want to achieve this year. We've been working hard enough to try and achieve that goal," said Ryder Skarzinski, Fairmont Senior Running back.

"We have definitely came more together as a unit this year. This off-season. More guys really come together and prepared more as a team," said Jared Harr, East Fairmont Left Tackle.

The restoration of one of 10 sections of bleachers is complete.

"We decided to do one section at this point and let that weather over the winter and see how that particular product does. If it does a good job, we will have additional projects done in the future. Hopefully we will have the whole stadium done," Price said.

Fairmont Senior fans will be the first ones to take advantage of the new section of the bleachers. The team will be kicking off their season against Robert C. Byrd on August 30.

East Fairmont will travel to Liberty High School on August 30 for its first game.