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Local Law Enforcement: Hands-Free Driving Law Is Working

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Driving with your cell phone in your hand has been illegal since July 1, 2013.

Local law enforcement said the law seems to be working but still has a long way to go.

Area residents agree.

"It's all a big distraction. There is enough distractions out there already. Cell phones shouldn't even be a part of it," said Kenny Sleeth, Marion County resident.

Thousands of cars drive through the town of White Hall every day.

Police said they believe the new hands-free driving law is helping with the distraction, but not entirely.

"It's kind of hit and miss. I mean sometimes you'll just sit there and observe traffic and you'll see out of ten cars, you'll maybe see four or five," said Geno Guerrieri, White Hall Police Chief.

White Hall Police said they have pulled over dozens of cars already.

"We probably stopped, all of the officers, I'd say 20-25. Somewhere in that area. How many tickets we wrote? I can't verify that," Chief Guerrieri said.

Police do believe the law is working and said in time everyone will catch on.

"We will write some tickets but a lot of people are catching on. If we give someone a warning, they next day we'll see them and they won't be on it," Chief Guerrieri said.

Drivers, however, are still hesitant.

"It probably hasn't really taken effect yet. It hasn't been in effect long enough. Hopefully it will. I think it's a really good idea," Sleeth said.

If you are caught on the phone while driving, police said you could be subject to a pretty hefty fine.

"The first offense is $100. Second offense is $200 and third offense is $300 and subsequent offense. If they get four or five offenses, its still a $300 fine," Chief Guerrieri said.

Police said it's important to install your Bluetooth devices and use them.