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Baxter Post Office To Close Its Doors, Residents Weigh Options

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Many of us have the ability to drive down the street to the post office or even just walk out of our front door to get the mail.

Some Marion County residents aren't as lucky. The Baxter Post Office is close to shutting its doors for good and community members will have to make adjustments.

"We got letters that they'd be doing away with our post office and doing away with our zip code. They were tying us into Rivesville's zip code," said Andrew Noshagya, Baxter resident.

With the post office closing, Baxter residents were supposed to get a new address and zip code.

Instead of the mail coming to their town, they would have to pick it up one town over.

"We have a fire department and businesses and when people get called everybody would be thinking they are coming to Rivesville," Noshagya said.

Baxter residents have contacted the state government, Marion County Commission, and the 911 Center. Together, they've found a solution.

"We helped put with the re-addressing system there and had our 911 center actually go and stay up there and actually work with the residents of Baxter to make sure they maintain their addresses in that area," said Randy Elliott, Marion County Commission.

"Right now, we have a good chance of putting a village post office in," Noshagya added.

Commissioners said the Baxter community is made up mostly of seniors and it's important to avoid change.

"It's very hard for older people that are seniors to change. They have pension checks coming and social security checks coming, they wanted to keep it the same. We were able to do that," Commissioner Elliott said.

Residents said they can't thank the county enough for its hard work and the way they helped Baxter maintain its identity.

"Their staff has done a good job for us in Clarksburg and in Charleston," Noshagya said.

Residents said they are working together to bring a village post office to Baxter.