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G-MAC Football Preview: Alderson Broaddus Battlers

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When Alderson Broaddus University football steps on the field Saturday it will make history. It will be the first varsity football game at the school in 84 years, and it will be done in a brand new facility.

History aside, ABU football comes into the year with a very young squad.

"For the most part we're 95 percent freshman and red shirt freshman," said head coach Denny Creehan. "You've got to keep things simple, when you're all freshman, you want to do a small package of things and do it well."

Its not just a simple system coach Creehan is preparing, his expectations are equally as straight forward.

"I want our kids to compete as hard as they can," he said. "I want the to go out and not be nervous, just go out there and play hard... If they can not make mistakes and play hard, I'll be happy."

ABU is young, but it's not un-tested.

A year ago the team played a JV schedule going an impressive 9-2, returning players or not coach Creehan said he'll really learn who the Battlers are when they match-up week 1 against Pace University.

"When you start playing games then you can really evaluate your personnel and make a strong evaluation on where you're team is," Creehan said. "So that's what I'm looking forward to is finding out where we are and what we've got to do."

"From these guys I see a lot of heart and fight, they want to win, they're aggressive. I know they're going to stand up against any one out there," said defensive linemen Jeffery Stephens.

Football talk aside, you can't overlook just how big opening day will be in Philippi for the school, team and community.

"Our kids are excited, our community is excited. I think it's the most wonderful thing in the world really," said Creehan.

"To be apart of history it's really a blessing. I've never been apart of history before and it's great," said Stephens.