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MEC Football Preview: Glenville State Pioneers

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"It feels good to be a member of Glenville State College with everything improving, as far as the new turf, the new buildings and the new bleachers for our fans this year," Glenville State sophomore tailback Rahman Lee said.

"They added new bleachers that you can see in the background," Pioneers senior safety Terry Reese said. "They're building a new press box and jumbotron, along with the new scoreboard. So it's looking real nice out here. It's a nice, new field. I've been looking forward to playing on this for the four years that I've been here."

Glenville State football has a lot to look forward to this year. First of all, the Pioneers were picked to finish fourth in the new Mountain East Conference. They also return Rahman Lee, who was Division II Freshman of the Year last year. But there's a few additions to the program that may top both of those.

"We're very, very lucky," Glenville State Head Football Coach David Hutchison said. "We have great people here in Glenville. We really appreciate the Morris family; Ike and Sue and the family putting all of this emphasis into helping us. You look at this new pro grass field that we're playing on. It's such an upgrade. In the background, you see the new bleachers that they just finished. Then you look the other direction and you see an end zone building that's changing every day. It's kind of exciting to come to practice just to see what's new."

Glenville State College has invested an entire summer into improving its athletic facilities, with new bleachers, scoreboards and football offices. The upgrades serve as a reminder to just how far Pioneer football has come, and also to where it's going.

"The key last year was that we didn't finish most games," Reese said. "I feel like this year we need to finish most games that we have. We always come out fast, and once it gets to like third quarter and after halftime, we tend come out slow."

"A lot of games that we lost last year were close, as far as the Concord game and the Shepherd game. Also the out-of-conference game against Lindenwood. We feel like we should've won those games this year," Lee replied.

Finishing. It's something every football team needs to acquire before reaching greatness.

"A main emphasis that we've had is finishing. We got outscored in the fourth quarter last year by a wide margin. That was really the difference of a 9-2 year, as opposed to the 6-5 that we finished," Hutchison said.

A Pioneer group led by 22 seniors will ultimately decide which direction this team will go.

"We're expecting to be able to spread the field and put the ball in our play makers hands on offense. On defense, I think we'll be one of the fastest defenses in Division II," Hutchison said.

"We're hungry this year. It's my senior season, so I want to go out with a bang and get a ring. So I'll make sure my guys on defense, while Rahman makes sure his guys on offense come to play every game, so we can get this ring at the end," Reese stated.