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Mon Power Explains Billing Process For Customers

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Many of us take steps to try to keep our utility bills low but sometimes a high bill can catch you by surprise.

"A meter reader coming out one month, and reading the meter, doing by an actual, then the next month an estimated reading, and the following month an actual reading again," said Todd Meyers, spokesman for Mon Power.

Meyers said this system of actual and estimated bills keeps bills where they should be.

"We come in and we do an estimate, and we estimate high, and your bill is larger than the amount you used, when we do an actual reading, that will get trued up and you will get a credit on your bill," Meyers said.

But that system doesn't always go as planned.

"We had the derecho storms about a year ago, at the end of the June that stretched into July. Meter readers weren't out then, we used them for hazard response," Meyers said.

He said the same thing happened when Sandy hit a few months later, which later launched an investigation by the Public Service Commission.

"A number of consecutive estimates, primarily for weather type reasons, especially if you have underestimated, that's when sometimes a customer could see bills that are larger than expected," Meyers said.

But it's not always a freak of nature that can make your bill go haywire. A stray dog or a blocked meter might mess up the cycle.

"The less of those obstructions that are there, the better access we have to the meter, it is only going to help to make sure your meter gets read and gets read accurately," said Mark Harrath, a meter reader for Mon Power.

Your meter runs continuously, it never resets. This allows the power company to consistently track your usage. Meyers said customers can send in their usage on "estimated" months over the phone or online.

For customers interested in more consistent billing, Mon Power offers an equal payment plan. For more information, check out the Mon Power website.

If you have any questions about your bill you can call Mon Power at 800-686-0022.