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Clarksburg City Council Discusses 'Drug House' Ordinance

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Clarksburg City Council held its conference session Thursday evening to talk about future ordinances to consider.

It discussed a proposed ordinance that would target both property owners and renters if properties are used for the sale of narcotics.

Mayor Cathy Goings said the city is determined to do its part to stop drugs in the aftermath of the Locust Avenue shootings. The shooting happened in late July, leaving four people dead.

Mayor Goings said this ordinance will deal with any illegal activity going on in a home, whether it's privately owned, rental property or commercial property.

"Well, it's very important that we get these ordinances passed so that we can have a little more teeth in our local laws here, and primarily, we want to make sure that, that incident doesn't happen again," Goings said.

Mayor Goings also said the city will continue to work with the Harrison County Drug Task Force to ensure that this ordinance or any other ordinance passed will not interfere with any investigations that the drug task force investigations to stop illegal activities.

The other ordinances discussed at Thursdays conference session were maintenance of vacant properties and registration of those properties, animal control and junk ordinances.