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Students and Community Members "Yarn Bomb" Tree in Morgantown

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When you think of crocheting you might imagine blankets, scarves, and hats. One thing you might find out of the ordinary being crocheted is a tree in Morgantown.

Dylan Collins is a professor in the West Virginia University School of Art and Design. Collins decided to give his students a chance to get outside this semester with a unique project.

"It gives students a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage in a public art piece. This will be up for one to two years, the yarn doesn't hurt the tree, and it really will retain its color and vibrancy for at least a year or two," explained Collins.

Artist Carol Hummel came to Morgantown to help with the "yarn bombing" project that she said she started.

"I'm the one that started it, so nine years ago when I crocheted my first big tree, it went viral on the internet and then the whole movement just started going. It's such a happy thing to do and so many people can be involved with it that it's just fantastic," said Hummel.

Hummel, students, and community members all helped to make this project possible.

"We had crochet-ins at the school and at the elderly housing and at the community center. People came learned how to do it and we gave them material and needles. You get a very strong sense of community and I want this to be the town's project after I create it," Hummel said.

Even kids got the chance to help out. Madison Showalter was in Morgantown for the WVU football game, and saw the tree being covered with the pieces. She said she got to help, and learned to crochet.

Showalter said the tree will be a good thing for the community.

"When people come by they'll see the tree and I think it's good because the students are bringing out their talent and making the trees colorful," said Showalter, who is from Parkersburg.

The blue and gold tree can be found in front of the Creative Arts Center.

Hummel and volunteers will be working to complete the tree all week. For more information on Hummel click here.