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Taylor County Law Enforcement Explains Dangers Of Social Media

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We can access social media, like Facebook and Twitter, almost everywhere. This includes on your computer, at home or work, and on your cell phone.

Law enforcement said social media is beginning to cause more harm than good.

There has been two instances in the past month where several men have allegedly traveled to Taylor County to have sex with teenage girls, according to law enforcement. One thing parents keep asking is how these men are getting in touch with their child.

"It begins with social media. We have to educate ourselves and our children about the dangers of social media. Social media is not bad, but it can be used for bad purposes," said Sheriff Terring Skinner, Taylor County Sheriff's Office.

Ryan Roberts, Lewis Dailey, and Jamey Doddrill are three of thousands that are accused of being sexual predators in the United States.

All three men are behind bars after being accused of getting sexually involved with two Taylor County teenagers.

It is leaving a bad taste in the mouth of residents who believe social media is the leading cause for the recent events.

"I don't like that. They should take that Internet off and leave the kids alone. The little kids, the women who are 13 or 14 years old. They need to go to prison for life," said George Saffel, Grafton resident.

Law enforcement said a person can be whoever they want on the Internet.

"You never know who you're talking to on the other end. You don't know if the person who says they are a 12 year old that you're talking to on the other end is a 45-year-old child molester," Sheriff Skinner said.

Authorities believe social media is making it easier than ever for a predator to find a child.

"Embedded in photos is a thing called metadata. Metadata has all kinds of information in there. It may have your GPS locations," he said.

Sheriff Skinner said it's important that parents educate their children about the dangers of social media.

"You need to monitor their friends and you need to have full access to their account. For instance, it they have a Facebook account you want to be able to log on, see their Facebook page, see who their friends are," he said.

Some residents believe social media should be banned from children all together.

"Take the Facebook and the Internet out of the house," Saffel said. "When they get on the Internet, you don't know what happens."

If you have additional questions about the dangers of social media, you are encouraged to contact your local law enforcement.