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Benedum Drive Residents Blame Asphalt Company For Truck, Dust Problems

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As truck traffic on highways in West Virginia seems to grow daily, some residents in Bridgeport are aggravated with the amount of truck traffic, and associated noise, on their residential road.

Mike Michaels lives on Benedum Drive, also known as Route 131. He and his neighbors believe a nearby industrial facility is to blame.

"These trucks are getting out of hand. Their Jake-brakes are really bad, all hours of the night, pretty much 24-hours a day," Michaels said.

Clarksburg Asphalt, which is owned by Greer Industries, Inc., is just down the road from Michaels and his neighbor, Laura Pysz. Michaels and Pysz said the truck traffic going in and out of the facility is non-stop.

"Harrison County has a noise ordinance in the county. They should not be using the Jake-brakes here on 131 and making so much noise," Pysz said.

Greer Industries provided 12 News with a copy of a letter it sent to Pysz, responding to some of the community's concerns. The company attributes much of the noise to daily traffic. The company said that not using engine brakes introduces a major safety concern because it hinders a truck's ability to slow down.

But residents are also fighting with a dust problem.

"The dust is unbelievable. You can't open the windows of your house. All of my vehicles have about a half inch of dust on them every day," Michaels said.

Residents said trucks water down the roads to control the dust every so often, but they feel it is not often enough.

"It is not a consistent thing that they do with the dust, once we call, I have a neighbor who has been calling the DEP, then they will give them a call and they'll put water down so they don't kick up as much dust. But they might do it one day a week," Pysz said.

Greer said it uses those trucks as often as it can, but added that watering too often creates a carry-out issue on Benedum Drive.

It's not just small rocks and dust that concerns Pysz and Michaels; they said they've seen large rocks as fly off the trucks.

"Easily, a car accident could happen. They could fall off. A car could try to dodge it or go over it and bust something underneath the car," Pysz said.