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Natural gas providing important transportation option

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IGS Energy opened a compressed natural gas fueling station for vehicles this week in Bridgeport. This is the first of what the Ohio-based company expects to be a number of CNG stations along Interstate 79. Plans are also in the works to build stations in Charleston and Jane Lew. As production of the natural gas increases, creative minds are developing new, exciting ways to utilize this resource. As the focus shifts to the transportation sector, it's clear there is enormous vitality in the idea of using natural gas to power our vehicles.

Natural gas is a cheaper, cleaner alternative to gasoline and diesel and, perhaps most importantly, it's a resource readily available in our state. While we have to be realistic in our expectations, it's important to keep an eye toward the future and embrace what can be an amazing opportunity. CNG fueling stations may have a limited amount of users, but it's a number that's bound to grow. For generations, this state has powered our nation with coal. As gas production increases and we continue to creatively and cleanly harness the power of what's beneath our feet, it's clear that we can maintain our reputation as America's energy leader.