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AARP National President Visits WV as part of ‘You’ve Earned a Say’ Campaign

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AARP National President Rob Romasco made his first trip to West Virginia Sept. 26 with two goals: recognizing the organization's network of volunteers and to further the message of the "You've Earned a Say" campaign.

Romasco said the biggest challenge in the federal budget is a solvency problem, but he doesn't want to see Social Security or Medicare cut, and conversations about those programs should be removed from any arguments about the federal budget.

He said West Virginia's needs are typical of other states, but Social Security used to play a role in a three-legged stool for retirement that included a pension and personal savings.

Romasco said through things like "tele-town halls," in-person conversations and other events, the You've Earned a Say campaign, which started last year, has reached between six and seven million people. The campaign encourages participants to take part in a conversation about the future of Social Security and Medicare.

"Everyone is asking the wrong question," Romasco said about the rising costs of health care. "We should be asking why does it cost so much?"

He said he would like to see a shift to change the delivery of Medicare to focus on the outcomes rather than the transactions. Other solutions AARP wants to present to Congress include using technology, improving care coordination, cutting over-testing and tampering the prices charged by drug companies.