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NASA IV&V in Fairmont Sees Effects Of Government Shutdown

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The government shutdown is affecting nearly 800,000 people around the United States, including many close to home.

NASA IV&V in Fairmont is one of many feeling the impact. All of its employees have been placed on unpaid leave until the shutdown ends.

Director Gregory Blaney said the shutdown doesn't just affect NASA, but all of its small business partners.

"They are impacted right now. They have staff that they are probably paying or forcing them to take vacation. They are not getting reimbursed for the contract that they have with NASA," he said.

Blaney was the guest speaker at a Keynote Presentation in Fairmont Wednesday. He discussed how small and large businesses can get involved with NASA.

"Address a need that NASA has, be excellent, be agile, bring innovation," he said.

Blaney believes the shutdown is just a bump in the road and it's important to remind businesses that a partnership with NASA would be a great decision.

"NASA does a lot of exciting things. This is just a week or two in the history of NASA. NASA will continue. We are doing some fantastic things. This is a time for small businesses to sit back and think about how they can get involved," he said.

Blaney expects things will return to normal when the shutdown ends.