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Fairmont Gun Show Brings Gun Enthusiasts To Marion County

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The Fairmont Gun Show was held on Saturday and Sunday. It brings gun enthusiasts from all over to Marion County to enjoy a one stop shop for all gun-related needs.

"They sell guns, hunting guns, there are many, many hunting guns, guns for self protection, pistols, handguns, antique guns for the collectors, holsters, ammunition, optics, safes, and books. It's a one stop gun shop," said Annette Elliott, president of Showmasters.

Showmasters put on the gun show that brings gun enthusiasts all to one place.

"They call it a meeting, and it really is a meeting because a lot of these folks do know each other. There are always new people and even new vendors every show. But there are also a lot of familiar old faces," explained Elliott.

Travis Bishop is the owner of Tannerman's Trading Company out of Martinsburg. Bishop had a booth at the show and said the amount of business at the show is worth the three hour drive.

"We've been coming to the Fairmont Gun Show for over five years. Showmasters does an exceptional job at promoting the show. As you can tell there are a lot of people here, a lot of vendors, good quality guns, firearms, ammunition. It is worth coming from Martinsburg," said Bishop.

Elliott said one of her greatest accomplishments with the show is getting more women involved.

"We always had wanted to see if we could get women to come. After 9/11 we have gone from five percent women to 30 percent women, which is amazing and really wonderful. Women have seen that, yes I need to protect myself," Elliott said.

Showmasters will be hosting the Fairmont Gun Show again in both December and March and also one in Morgantown in November.

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