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NASA IV&V Employees Continue Events Despite Government Shutdown

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The federal government has been shutdown for nearly two weeks now, and for about 800,000 employees around the country, that means they are sitting at home.

Employees at NASA IV&V in Fairmont said work must go on.

Even though they may not be in the facility, you may have seen them around the community.

"I worry about the people. Our small businesses. They cant live without going paid for more than a week or less. Individuals have bills to pay. I worry about them. From a NASA perspective, I'm not too worried. We'll pick that back up," said Greg Blaney, NASA IV&V Director.

NASA IV&V employees are keeping busy none the less.

It has hosted several events since the shutdown has taken effect, including a "Careers in the Corridor" event for high school students.

"The Careers in the Corridor event is an opportunity for many of the high technology sector companies and also higher education programs here in the state to showcase what they have to offer," said Todd Ensign, NASA IV&V.

There were many employers in attendance who came to showcase their companies to the students.

"They're the future. It's important for them to have the skills needed for the cutting edge jobs that we provide," said John Pyka, Lockheed Martin.

While the employees would normally get paid for these events, the shutdown has made it voluntary.

But everyone involved believes its worth it.

"NASA does a lot of exciting things. This is just a week or two in the history of NASA. NASA will continue. We are doing some fantastic things," Blaney said.