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Passengers, Witnesses Describe Aftermath of Train-Log Truck Collision

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One person was killed, and dozens more injured, after a log truck collided with the Cheat Mountain Salamander passenger train on Friday.

Those who were on that train, including Bobby Robertson from Wayne, West Virginia, said it was a terrifying and surreal experience.

"[We were] sightseeing, me and my wife, just out for the weekend. I got up and walked to the garbage can, came back and looked out the window..and I said, 'Oh my God, he's gonna hit us," said Robertson, "and he plowed right inside of it."

Greg Barringer of Culloden was also a passenger on the train. He also saw the log truck coming towards the train.

"I was hoping he'd hit the last car of the train, the baggage car, but he hit directly between two of the cars," said Barringer. "Had he hit dead center of the car, someone probably would have been killed."

"It was chaos. It turned our car upside down, and it threw us everywhere," said Robertson.

Robertson's wife was one of those injured, but he said they're lucky to be alive. She was taken to Davis Memorial Hospital, where those in the emergency room were aware of the circumstances.

Patients and hospital staff alike said everyone sprung into action in this time of need.

Cynthia Pratt, who was in the hospital when the call came in, said the hospital staff came together quickly to respond to the crisis.

She said it was tough for her to watch the incident unfold.

"It was a sad thing to know, to hear...sitting there, seeing people come in, knowing how you feel when you're sick, but there's people coming in," said Pratt. "We just put our heart out to everybody. We'll be praying for families and everyone that's around."

Also at Davis Memorial Hospital Friday night, law enforcement officers held a press conference to get the facts out to the public.