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Valley Falls State Park Superintendent Witnesses 700th Wedding

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Valley Falls State Park makes the perfect backdrop for any special occasion, but especially weddings.

On Saturday, Valley Falls State Park Superintendent Ron Fawcett watched wedding number 700 take place at Valley Falls since he's been superintendent.

"It's different. I was at another public hunting area for 17 and a half years and I had two weddings. And here I've had 700 today," said Fawcett.

After 18 years at Valley Falls and so many weddings, there isn't much that Fawcett hasn't seen.

"I have some weddings with horse and buggies, I have some with limousines, and I've had the guy that releases doves in front of some wedding. A year ago we filmed a redneck wedding here. I've had a Cherokee wedding with tradition song, dance, and dress, and a Dakota wedding one time with tradition song, dance and dress," explained Fawcett.

Fawcett said the beauty of the landscape brings people from all over to get married in his park.

"Everybody likes the waterfalls, and I have four waterfalls within a half a mile. You can get both falls in one shot. What a backdrop, you couldn't decorate like that. It's gorgeous natural beauty," Fawcett said.

Couple number 700 was Eric and Jeannie Ridenour from Morgantown. The Ridenour's said they chose Valley Falls for a few reasons.

"This was actually our first date. We decided to get on the road one day, we're both outdoors folks, we enjoy being outside. West Virginia is beautiful so we decided to make this our first date, and the setting is beautiful that's why we chose it," said Eric Ridenour.

After the Ridenour's wedding there were two more held at Valley Falls on Saturday.