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Law Enforcement Discusses Importance Of Safe Halloween Costumes

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It won't be long before the little ghouls and goblins are roaming the streets filling up their pillow cases with candy.

"Halloween is a day that you can let your imagination run wild. You can be anyone or anything you want to be without judgment from other people," said Brian West, Illusive Skull.

Dressing up in a dark scary costume may sound appealing to the average kid, but law enforcement said it can also be unsafe.

"Try to wear some light colored clothing. If you can't because of your costume, go out and get a glow bracelet or a glow necklace, carrying a flashlight, things of those natures. Lift your mask when you're crossing the street," said Corporal Don Neal, Fairmont Police.

You don't have to go far this Halloween season to find the perfect costume. Employees at the Illusive Skull in Fairmont pride themselves on the fact that they can always scare up that perfect costume.

"Children today have a mind of their own, number one. They know exactly what they want or if they did, they change their mind right when they walk in the door. We try to keep basic children's costumes," said Pamela Markel, Illusive Skull Owner.

Those basic costumes are bright and don't typically include masks.

"The parents are happy, the kids are happy, and we can make sure that they can see going down the road at night and make sure they are able to be seen," West said. "Even if its a dark costume, we will give them something bright to hold on to."

There will be extra law enforcement on patrol Halloween night in case of any emergencies.

"We have neighborhood watches that are set up through our communities. So its not only our eyes and our ears that are out there watching. We will have six to eight extra police officers working from the time trick or treat starts to 2 or 3 in the morning," Corporal Neal said.

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