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Upshur County Public Library Wants Parking Lot Expansion

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The Upshur County Public Library wants to expand and make it easier for patrons to visit.

The library would like to add on to its property by increase its parking space. Since the construction of the Upshur County Public Library, library board members have felt that parking there has been inadequate.

"We became aware of the Phillips property next to the library was available, and we started dealing with the county commission to see if we could purchase the property," said Lee Dixon, library board president.

The building in question has been unoccupied for years, and is falling in disrepair. The library wants to tear it down for the specific purpose of putting in a larger parking lot, which Dixon said would solve a lot of problems.

"Once we structure the new parking lot we can make exits and entrances a lot safer process," Dixon said.

The library have accumulated or saved funds for this parking lot project, but they're looking at other options either from the county commission or the community to help facilitate it.

"It's not a great windfall but hopefully it will be adequate, and we've had a number of people express they could do some of the work for free or at a very low expense, and that's the way we're looking to go," Dixon said.

There's also a one room beauty shop being leased nearby. It could be moved to make way for the parking lot.

The project is expected to get started next spring.