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30 Days to a Safer Neighborhood: Harrison County Drug Task Force Website Up and Running

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Courtesy: http://harrisondrugtaskforce.com/ Courtesy: http://harrisondrugtaskforce.com/

The Greater Harrison County Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force relies on tips from the public to learn about suspicious activity going on in local areas.

Now submitting those tips is easier than ever.

The task force has launched a new website called "Project Future: The Right Prescription for West Virginia".

"A few months ago we started the website after the Harrison County Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force was reorganized. The purpose is multi-purpose actually. It gives the community a place to go for certain resources, and allow them to see who was charged in recent investigations," said Bridgeport Police Chief John Walker, who is also the task force chairman.

Walker said the website allows residents to confidentially submit their news tips directly to the task force.

"Tips are very important to our operation. They can go on the website and submit a tip and will go directly to the commander of the task force. A lot of people like that because electronic communication is a huge thing right now," Walker said.

Walker said the tips have helped out with investigations already.

"They have received tips through the website that have been very useful and helpful. Any communication is a definite help. I think it will be a huge help. The more information we can get, the more pieces of the puzzle we can get to put to put together, the more efficient we are," explained Walker.

The website isn't complete yet, but when it is it will feature a section to help the public identify drugs they might see.

"Parents can go to that website and identify drugs. If they find a pill in a room or something and they aren't sure what it is, they can look it up on there," said Walker.

You can find the drug task force website by clicking here.