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New details about a murder and kidnapping plot, after a body is found in Harper Heights

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Kareem Hunter's body was found by two people walking by in Harper Heights just off Old Turnpike Road in a shallow grave on October 30th, according to deputies in Raleigh County.

"I've been out here all my life.  It's kind of shocking..." said Cleo Moore, who lives in Harper Heights.

Hunter was last seen on September 23rd.  Days later, investigators went to Kelsey Legg's apartment in Marmet, Kanawha County to look for clue in Hunter's disappearance.  Detectives learned on the night Hunter disappeared, a disturbance was reported in the area.

Kelsey Legg is the only person that has been charged in the case.  She faces murder and kidnapping charges.

People in Harper Heights can't believe what authorities say happened.

"I think that's testament of the way humanity has declined throughout the years...  We don't value life anymore," said Crystal Fogle, who lives in Harper Heights.

According to court documents and information from the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department, Kelsey Legg was at Lowe's with two men.  One man seen with Legg in the store on both September 24th and 25th was questioned.  It is not believed that he was involved in the murder.

Detectives say Legg's apartment was the scene of a violent crime, and that the walls had been freshly painted and carpet was replaced.  Large suspected blood stains were found inside and suspected blood splatter stains were found on a ceiling inside the apartment.

Kelsey Legg's brother says she lured Hunter to her apartment.  He says he also saw two men remove the body from Kelsey Legg's apartment and place it in the trunk of the vehicle.

Even though an arrest has been made, people are hoping the Hunter's family can move forward after this tragedy.

"It has to be hard.  I would say to the family -- we are praying for you.  Put your trust in God," said Fogle.

Deputies in both Raleigh and Kanawha counties continue to investigate.  Anyone who knows anything can provide a tip anonymously, by logging onto