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Deck your halls: Holiday design is all about the theme

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From Staff Reports

Holiday decorating can be boiled down to one essential task, according to Jeannie Richmond, owner of Interior Concepts in Beckley.

"I don't think there's a right and a wrong, because everybody has their own style," Richmond explained. 

To get the ball rolling on holiday decorating, Richmond says to simply select a theme and stick to it.

"One thing you need to do is know what your style is — are you an over-the-top person, or are you a more pared-down person?" she said. "A lot of it has to do with personality, but everyone needs to select a style and know whether it's going to be traditional, contemporary, vintage, retro, things like that.

"Then once you think about your style, then you need to select a theme."

Richmond, who has operated Interior Concepts since 1987, said the theme for a tree and decorations can express a person's interests, from cooking or hunting to Disney characters.

"It's best, for a year, to pick a theme and go with it," she said. "It adds that cohesiveness."

But there's still room for family collections and traditions tucked in among the themes.

"I have so many ornaments my friends have made me, and I still have some my children have made," Richmond said. "I can't not do that traditional Christmas tree."

And the tree is the true focal point of Christmas, she said.

"What's traditional for your family is what's classic," Richmond said. "You hold on to pieces that have memories to you.

"Just pick up a few of the ornaments that will look good with what you have that would go with your style." 

Richmond said the holidays provide a good opportunity to display collections, either on a mantle, in a bay window or even on top of a server in a dining room.

"Just find a place to display them and add some lights and trim with it," she said.

Richmond said it's important to scale pieces and ornaments to the size of the rooms or the home, because tons of tiny things sitting around in a large house with high ceilings will get lost and confuse the eye.

"Pick larger pieces and have fewer pieces," she said. "That also helps in a smaller house, because if you have lots of things, you feel smothered.

"But if you have fewer things and a defined color scheme, it opens up the space."

Richmond said it's simple and fun to add a small touch of Christmas in each room, from candle holders to miniature trees, especially in a guest room or a child's room.

"There are people that put up multiple trees, God bless them. I don't know how they do it," she said with a laugh. "Some people have a traditional tree and a contemporary tree."

The traditional tree, Richmond said, has a lot of contrast with reds and greens, but the current trend of a monochromatic tree, such as a green tree with all white or silver colors, is a little more contemporary.

And for the outside, Richmond said adding greens to flower boxes or flower pots can add depth, dimension, sparkle and intrigue without going too over the top.