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Shoppers Brave Cold Temps For Black Friday Deals

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With Black Friday still hours away, people were camped out at the Meadowbrook Mall, just waiting for that one good deal.

Judy Moore and her family were the first people in line at the Meadowbrook Mall. They decided to put off their family meal until next weekend, and while the men of the family are out hunting, the women were doing hunting of a different kind.

"They go out there and they sit in the woods all day long, cold, snow, rain. So this is just like deer hunting to me, bargain hunting," said Moore.

But while they waited outside, crowds were already making their way into Old Navy, which opened an hour early. The entire store was on sale, and employees were welcoming people with open arms.

"It's a party at the mall, and you're invited, is what it is. It's actually a party at the mall, and you get to come and have fun with us, and everyone has a lot of great things going on, and why wouldn't you want to be here?" said store manager Marsha Wolfe.

Of course, some people can't imagine leaving home to shop on Thanksgiving, but for Moore and her family, they were just enjoying a fun night out.

"We don't seem to mind at all, my family and I, we just kind of enjoy our time together, and I know we could spend it doing other things, but this is what we like to do, we're shoppers. We are shoppers, and we love to shop," Moore said.

For some it's a tradition to sit down to a family thanksgiving meal for others its the Thursday night of Black Friday shopping. Many of local folks from around North Central West Virginia came to Kohl's in Harrison County to do some shopping.

Folks waited in line outside of Kohl's to get a jump start on their Christmas shopping. everyone came out for big ticket items such as ear beats ear buds and movies like Monster High. They said their excited and want in and out and anticipate the crowds.

"Its a tradition me and my sister do it every year. We had a family meal but we do the shopping every year together," said Lewis County resident Ashley Gibson.

Those folks who waited in line said the wait is worth it for the big ticket items. They also said they were able to meet and make new friends while waiting in line.