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Shoppers Head to Stores in Clarksburg for Black Friday Deals

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After the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie was all gone a lot of people headed out to do some Black Friday shopping on Thursday night. On Friday morning there are still some people going strong.

Some stood in line at Kohl's and the mall for hours on Thursday night, some waited to get into Kmart on Thursday morning, and some people waited until Friday morning to get some great deals.

"This year we slept in. Yesterday I cooked all day so we took advantage of just sleeping in a little bit and waited out the crowds. We came in and took advantage of some bargains that people weren't door busting for," said Greta Davis, a Bridgeport resident.

Davis and her daughter Ashleigh Davis got some shopping done at Kohl's and said that Black Friday shopping is a tradition in their family.

"We've done this a few years now. Her big sister did it a few years before and she slept in. We have a lot of fun we bond over it and have a good time," explained Davis.

While some people were out looking for the big ticket items like TV's and tablets, the Davis' got some smaller things.

"We found some clothes and some smaller gifts for folks including some things for my kids from Sunday school," Davis said.

Kmart had sales three separate times over the course of the two days. Kyle Chester, Kmart store manager, said business was steady.

"We were extremely busy last night it was a great event and there were a lot of great sales. For the most part everybody remained happy and calm and we didn't have any issues so I was excited about that," Chester said.

Chester said that all the staff members that Kmart has were working both Thursday and Friday and that it's important to have all hands on deck.

"It's important to have everybody working that way we can take care of all the customers that are in the building and make sure that everyone is serviced to the highest level possible," said Chester.

Next up shoppers can look forward to Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.