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MCPARC, Mt. Zion Nursery Partner For 'Christmas Tree Recycling Program'

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There are many places to pick out your Christmas tree this holiday season. But there's one in particular that let's your tree keep giving long after the season is over.

MCPARC in Fairmont partners with the Mt. Zion nursery to help you pick out a tree and help the rest of the community.

"With my family, it's a tradition. Each year we go out and pick out which tree we want. It's a nice bonding experience. It's nice having that live tree in the household," said Tony Michalski, MCPARC.

Despite what the temperature may tell you, it really is December and Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. With Christmas comes tradition. For many that tradition includes picking out the perfect Christmas tree.

"Everyone is laughing, joking, having a lot of fun. They get to go inside and they get to play with the crafts. All the kids are having fun. It's fun to watch," said Kara Martin, Mt. Zion Nursery.

Mt. Zion Nursery is a family business and has been in operation for four generations.

"My great grandfather started growing Christmas Trees back in the 40's. We had four locations back then. Since then, we became a nursery. We opened that in '72 and we continue to sell Christmas trees," Martin said.

MCPARC is offering a way to take away all of the labor that goes into getting a live tree into your home.

"You can go out to Mt. Zion nursery and pick out your bald and burlap tree. MCPARC will take it over from there. We'll go pick up that tree, bring it to your house, set it up in your house, and put a nice tub up underneath of it and tell you how to take care of it for the holidays," Michalski said.

Volunteers from the Boys & Girls Club are getting involved in the program this year and donations are being accepted at Mt. Zion.

"They have a goal of $1,800 that they are trying to reach for their scholarship fund. I believe they have about 60 kids in their scholarship program right now so they are just trying to further that along," Martin said. "We're actually building a Christmas tree. For every $100 we make, we add a layer to it until we can put that $1,800 star on top."

Once the holidays are over, MCPARC will pick up your tree and replant it in one of the many Marion County parks.

"It's saving the trees and then helping out people for the Christmas and it also benefits the park. It's a win-win for everybody involved," Michalski said. "We get a nice tree in our parks for it and people get a nice service with their tree getting delivered to them also. They can give back to the community by taking part in this program."

For additional information on MCPARC's Christmas Tree Program, call Tony Michalski at 304-363-7037. You can also call Mt. Zion Nursery at 304-366-6597.