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Restaurant Road Trip: Lebanese Bistro

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We've featured many foods from other cultures, but this Restaurant Road Trip takes us to a part of the world we haven't visited before. Morgantown is known for its diversity and the Lebanese Bistro adds yet another option for anyone looking for really good food from far away.

If you're not familiar with Lebanese food, that's ok. There's plenty to recognize, like grilled chicken and steak kabobs, hummus and pita chips, and the already popular chicken wings.

"They had Lebanese wings for the first time and they are the best wings I have ever had in my life," said customer Pat Hutchens. "In fact, I got a to-go order and took them home for my husband to try and he could not get enough of them."

"We also have French fries on our menu which a lot of people don't think is Lebanese but it's very Lebanese," owner George Tanios said. "We love our French fries in Lebanon."

The Lebanese Bistro is the first to offer authentic Lebanese cuisine in Morgantown, but Tanios isn't new to the area. He also owns Sandwich U, but the bistro close to his heart.

"This is the food that I grew up with and really took for granted when I left my home in New Jersey and didn't have my parents around to cook for me all the time," he said.

His parents are a big part of the bistro and can offer advice after owning their own successful Lebanese restaurant for more than 30 years.

"Everything fresh, every day," George's mother Maguy Tanios said. "That's the main thing."

The bistro has been in the works for two years and business is growing after just a month open through new menu items, a lunch buffet, daily specials, and uncompromising standards when it comes to quality food.

"Simple items, but mixed properly makes a complex taste, makes it very healthy, very good, and very addicting," Tanios said.

"In fact this is my third time this week," Hutchens said, and laughed when I pointed out that it was only Wednesday.

"Yes, it's Wednesday!" She may be back for a fourth day on Thursday.