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New Fairmont Business Allows Kids Communicate With Santa By 'Texting'

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With every day that passes leading up to Christmas, children get more antsy.

They go to the mall and sit on Santa's lap and they write him letters.

They can even track his progress around the world on Christmas Eve.

Now a new Fairmont business has a way for them to talk to Santa every single day.

"We are now in direct contact with Santa Claus. We have some direct messages from him. He would like to send messages out to kids and we are facilitating that for him," said Drew Paton, Seed Mobile Marketing.

All it takes is $10 and a cell phone to get in touch with Santa Claus. All you have to do is send the message 'HoHoHo' to 71441. You type in all of the necessary information and just a couple hours later, you'll receive a text from Santa Claus.

"With Santa, he's been texting them asking if they have been naughty or nice and what list they are on. If they have been good to their parents, if they are going to bed on time. Are they going to leave him cookies and milk? One of the neat things is, not only will Santa text them a message, he will ask them a question which they are allowed to respond back to," said Shahram Shafii, Seed Mobile Marketing.

Santa will ask your children questions, let them know he's watching them, and even send them videos of his reindeer and elves getting ready for the big night.

"Grazing, eating, getting started and getting healthy for their season and their long flight. We have elves working in the shop, building furniture and building toys. Mrs. Claus has baked cookies for him so he shares those with us," said Paton.

For each person who signs up to chat with Santa, $2 will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Fairmont.

"It's one thing to sit here and try to make money and do all that but its also another to help this community and be able to reach out and help the boys and girls that are a part of this community," Shafii said.

For more information on Seed Mobile Marketing and how to sign up, click on the link.