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Hundreds Flock to Fairmont Gun Show

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One year ago this month, dozens of lives were lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Since that time, the issue of gun control has been on the table and supporters aren't backing down.

Not even the icy conditions could stop hundreds of gun owners and enthusiasts from coming to the Fairmont Gun Show on Sunday to stock up.

"[I came out to] pick up a few things, like some ammo. I bought a gun yesterday," said Gary Abel, a Vietnam War veteran.

"We have a 2nd amendment that says we have the right to bear arms. And they're not supposed to be infringed upon. That's what they're trying to do to us in D.C. They're trying to infringe upon all of our rights," said Abel.

Greg Gutta owns Second Amendment Sports and Defense LLC, a gun shop in Morgantown. Gutta said that shows help both new and experienced buyers understand the benefits of gun ownership.

"What we sell the most of in our shop is modern sporting arms. handguns, long guns, your AR-style rifles, Glocks, Smith & Wesson," said Gutta. "Every few years, you have a tragedy like Sandy Hook, or like Columbine. Every generation has their tragedy that, unfortunately, firearms become the center of the controversy. But without getting into the political debate, statistically, motor vehicle accidents are more deadly than firearms. Everybody owns a car."

For Jackie Spino of Grafton, it was a family event. Her son, Gabriel, just killed his first buck, and Spino thinks it's important for hunters to learn how to protect themselves at an early age.

"We've always been raised around guns. We think that is our right. It should always be our right, and shouldn't be taken away," said Jackie Spino.

"I like it. I enjoy hunting with my dad," said Gabriel Spino.

"Even at seven and eight years old, they're taking them out, and they're getting their first deer. They're teaching them to hunt, which I think is really nice to instill into children about when we're eating meat, we're killing an animal, and not to waste it," said Annette Elliott of Showmasters Gun Shows.

2014 show dates in our area are as follows:

January 11-12 in Morgantown

March 1-2 in Fairmont

March 29-30 in Morgantown