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Students Encourage People to Learn Code During Computer Science Education Week

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Most people know how to use their phone and their computer but they don't know how to program it. Two computer science majors are trying to raise awareness about coding.

Millions of people across the country are participating in the '

Hour of Code.' It's a way for computer science majors to help people understand how to program devices.

WVU engineering students are required to take computer programming classes.

Talon Ames said that the hour of code is a great idea to make people more aware of how important it is to daily life.

"Using code does make your life easier. You can write code that can solve quadratic equations for you so that you don't have to write it all out

, GPA Calculators," said Ames "There are little things that you can do to make your life easier that all you have to do is write up a couple numbers and that's it."

The video requests that people go online and complete a few lines of codes

. It uses simple programming and even game like experiences to teach students young and old how to write computer codes.

Some people have completed one or two lines of code. Others have completed more than 30.

Ames says that if he follows his career path into petroleum engineering writing code will be a major part of his work.

"One discipline of petroleum engineers is reservoir engineers and all they do is model petroleum reservoirs within the earth. And it's 100 percent using computers to do that. The computing power that petroleum companies have to view those petroleum reserves is one of the largest."
Computer Science Education Week is until December 15. If you want to get involved and do a few lines of code head over to this website.